Χαιρετισμός Προέδρου


""Welcome to the Postgraduate Program of Special Education (MSc) of the Department of Primary Education of the University of Ioannina.""


Graduates of Departments and Faculties of Universities of Greece and similar recognized institutions of foreign countries as well as graduates of Departments of Technical Universities are admitted to the MSc.
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The language of instruction and preparation of the thesis is Greek. English may also be used. In cases that justify the necessity of writing the thesis in another language, the Assembly of the Department decides on the matter with a documented recommendation of the supervisor.
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The duration for the award of the Master’s Degree is four (4) academic semesters (three teaching semesters and one semester for the compulsory internship and the thesis). The start and duration of the semesters are determined by decision of the Departmental Assembly.
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More than 180 students apply for our program every year

Candidates are invited to apply online, in the first two weeks of September